A tavola’s non s’invecchia—

At the Table one doesn’t grow old!

Marianna LoDuca, born in Sicily, Italy, traveled by boat at thirteen years old to the United States. She came with her father, Pietro, mother, Rosalia, and her younger sisters, Luisa and Josephine. They arrived in New York where they resided for ten years. In 1979, they journeyed to Richmond, Virginia where they found themselves at the start of the restaurant business.

The LoDuca daughters, raised with Italian morals, always kept close with their family, and with their deep rooted work value, continuously aided their parents to succeed in the restaurant. In 1982, Marianna’s sister Luisa had her first son, Gaspare Andrea Cruciata. He was the first of the family’s second generation and grew up pampered by his Aunts Marianna and Josephine. By being taken under the wind of the family, Gaspare soon learned the ways of the restaurant and became a natural in the kitchen.

In May of 1989, an unconditional love blossomed and Marianna married Urs Merki who would be her forever soul mate, best friend, devotee, and the man that would make her dreams come true. First came love, then came marriage, and then came daughter Gabriella, and son, Joseph.

Our Kitchen offers your family a taste of old Sicily. From the breath taking beaches of Palermo,Sicily to the new beginnings of Brooklyn, New York, our family tradition continued to be passed from generation to generation. Sunday dinners at Nonna and Nonno’s consisted of good conversation, laughter, and most of all, a full stomach. Dinner always began with a bowl of pasta which was usually filling enough, but there was always more to come. There was never such a thing as too much.

With great food came great dreams. Both Marianna with her genuine Sicilian creations, and Gaspare with his undeniable talent for making a pie, together have created what is now known as Palermo Trattoria Pizzeria and we humbly invite you to join our tradition.

15717 City View Dr, MidlothianVA 23113, USA

Monday – Thursday 11 am to 10pm Friday

Saturday 11am 11pm Sunday 12pm to 10pm

(804) 378-7643